Monday, March 17, 2008


On Facebook:

I've been thinking whether facebook is an addiction, the fluff friends, the events, the pictures and the groups, it's so much bigger than MySpace ( and alot more time consuming). Which brings me to this; the boyfriend's band fanpage! please check them out. Being an Economics senior, graduating in almost two months, I should be spending ALOT more time doing school work, yet, I'm egg hunting on facebook instead.

I use it for critique every now and then, whenever I post a piece. I have to admit the merits of facebook,; well at least to me, I've gotten more in touch with the alternative scene here in Egypt, or if you would like to call it; the independant...the much beloved INDIE.

On my journey to become a grown-up:

I don't expect anyone to know this, but I have always had a great affinity to growing up, I've cultivated and nourished a phobia along the years, physically and inevitably growing

up, with such a strong and increasing resistance to mentally growing up. Until one day, it all

became clear to me, I have to grow up- eventually.

I refuse to grow-up still, I chose to GROW and just that, grow; limitlessly.

At twenty, I do admit it's a bit hard; having to remind myseld to be independant, to think before I act, to act responsibly...I fail repeatedly, and over and over again; I try.