Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Girl With Unruly Hair

Influence could be on all levels possible, on every plane there could ever be. From as shallow as blow drying your hair every morning just to look like the rest, with hair that's in place- even if not perfectly- to PDA( also known as public display of affection *winks*).

Ever since my freshman year, when I had been the hair hippie, when everyone else would make use of their curling irons every morning. Each month into my college/university/higher education experience would bring me closer to split ends and damaged hair and the need to trim every now and then.

Yet, now, as I graduate, I'm back where I belong to, I am back to who I have always been and who I was always meant to be; the girl with unruly hair.

The Hair Hippie who has hair that still looks good.


Yes, I have to admit, that as my education experience is (almost) coming to an end, I am more and more in touch with myself, with my roots.

My grounds.

I am realizing, bit by bit, who I really am. And, no this is no quarter life crisis.

Crisis who?

I am Home.

Where everything is realistic and still has that taste of me, that glimpse of me; The Optimist.

Because yes, it can be bright and rose-y and sunny and splendid.

Dream big. Because that's the way it was meant to be.


Don't just dream; DREAM BIG and never undermine those dreams.

They do come true. That energy within you, the force a desire creates, it drives you towards your dreams, and it makes you find ways to make them come true.

All it takes is for you to believe.

So, believe.

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Sara Abdel Azim said...

hey gurl with unruly hair! =p