Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ramblings of the Let Down

As I was reading Amr Khaled's blog this morning, it hit me..
I came to the realization that I would openly use English curse words and wouldn't mind hearing them, yet ,at the incident of someone using a nArabic curse word, I would stomach would literally flip. I jus tthink they're the most vulgar thing in the world. Despite it being my mother-tongue, I don't use them.

Having mentioned Amr Khaled, it automatically brings me to mention my long lost dream of being an author and how much i whine about it and do nothing about it all the same.Maybe this year...

Maybe after I graduate, which I am in a few months...

THIS in turn brings me to the one thing that has been densely bothering me the past few days; my grades- last term's grades. Out of all 7 terms, I have studied so much this last one, I have attended all classes, taken a ton of notes, you'd automatically expect me to get As, yes? NO! Welcome to the land of study your ass off and fail! Do all the work you can and should do and get nothing in return...just because you don't cheat. It's not my fault that I chose to do this the "clean"way in a land of "dirty", the country I sincerely love. Home.

Let me down.


Will discuss the book later though!

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