Wednesday, May 1, 2013

So I am blogging every day in May

I haven't been blogging nor have I been writing for a long time. And all the changes google has been making with blogger and google reader aren't making me happy at all.
I am considering migrating to wordpress. Or maybe archiving this blog and starting from the very beginning. A fresh new start. Maybe a redesign even (then I would be putting effort into it!)
The thing is, so many people are putting so much effort in their blogs and it makes me feel bad with all the fancy blogs out there. To me, it has always been effortless. It always came naturally...
Maybe if I decide I want to blog full time?
Maybe I don't need to do this to begin with. I don't need to fit in. I do what I will do. I do this so that I can read it later on in my life. So that I can document my life for myself and for others to read, maybe I can help them or inspire them. Maybe I have something to teach. I definitely have something to say.

This is where my rant ends.

I am doing this this month and I am hoping that I would get myself to do it here.

Blog Every Day in May badge


Delia. said...

Thank you dear
Have a lovely day and go on with your blog

Winnie said...

I blog for myself, it just so happens that I have readers which is lovely. I would blog for as long as it makes you happy - I've considered moving to Wordpress too but even so, they are not without problems so I've stuck with Blogger and have no intention of moving anytime soon :)