Friday, May 10, 2013

#BEDM I am Way Behind

I will explain why. May 1st is Labour day and it is a worldwide holiday and it fell on a Wednesday. I took Thursday off. Friday and Saturday are a weekend in Egypt. Sunday was Coptic Easter and Monday was Sham el Nessim, an ancient Egyptian celebration of harvest, which lucky for me we still celebrate in modern day Egypt.

I had six days off and I HAD to do something with them, and I was determined to stay away from my computer. I went to Ain el Sokhna with my best friend and her family friends, it was good, much needed quality time with her.
(I also got stuck in traffic for ten hours trying to get out of a very poorly organized concert - but I a a small car with five other people in it)

The photo below is of the both of us laughing...I am not so sure what it was that was really funny!

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Winnie said...

Looks like you made the most of the holiday day! I wish it was as sunny and gorgeous in the UK right now!