Thursday, August 23, 2012

Rolling Stone Middle East: Street to Stage

I have such talented friends, it's beautiful!

I mentioned here that my sister's best friend was on the Egyptian synchronised swimming team, the same team that is the 7th best synchronised swimming team in the world (because they beat Australia) I consider her family, and this means that we have an Olympic athlete in the family!

I have also mentioned Adam's music here before. And now I have a teeny favour to ask you:

I know this is not proper photo crediting but: here

Here's a post I borrowed from his Facebook page:

"Here's an update worth reading! I've been selected as one of Rolling Stone Middle East's 15 finalists in their "Street to Stage" competition. If I get through to the next couple of rounds, I get to play in Hard Rock Cafe Dubai. All I need from you guys is some voting and sharing.

Simply make an account (it takes about a minute) and click vote. Try to remember your username and password, if I get through to the next round you can vote for me again ;)"

Now all I need you to do is:
  1. Click on the link  here
  2. Create and account
  3. Vote!
Let me know when you've voted, it would make a really nice birthday gift!

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