Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April Wedding #1

One of the closest people to me got married on Sunday. I cannot begin to describe how it feels. It is one thing to attend a friend's wedding, it is another thing to attend a cousin's wedding...but it is entirely and totally different to attend a (very) dear person/cousin's wedding.

Her dress was beautiful! (I helped her get dressed)

I mean, I hadn't even realized it. This is someone I share so many memories with. And her wedding was another big, shiny memory that I have managed to add to a long list of fun-filled memories.

(Well, apart from the fact that I felt all grown up, and that I was too busy helping her out that I forgot to wear mascara, and the possibility of a scar that I have on my right foot for having had my leg stuck on a step)

I wrote all that which I have written between parentheses with a smile on my face.

PS. I, like most other android users, now have instagram! My username is kikiesque, let's be friends?
PPS I have three more weddings to attend this month, hence, the title.


Taylor said...

OH i do love weddings and this post is such a happy one. congratulations for your cousin. i am so happy for the both of you!

i need to get a smartphone, and instagram particularly. cannot wait to follow you once i do. <3 hope you are doing well!

Nariman said...

My bestfriend got married two weeks ago, I know how you feel exactly. That feeling stays stuck with you and you'll find yourself crying and smiling at the memory at the same time. =) Congrats Sara <3