Monday, March 12, 2012

Healthcare in Egypt

I just wanted to share this with the world. I want to share with to let everybody know that I have no reason whatsoever to have felt left out, to have felt sidelined...

I have no reason to have felt unimportant. I have no reason to have felt any of those negative feelings; loneliness, neglect, among many many others. Because this is his job. This is his career. This is what he is passionate about.

And I would never EVER let anyone stand in the way between me and my calling (I haven't even found my calling) and I believe he has found his. And I shouldn't let my PMS give me an excuse for nagging and crying and arguing for more time to be spent with me.

Being a resident doctor's girlfriend/fiancee is not easy. But it's much easier than being a resident, that I am sure of.

I forgot to share what this whole rant is about: This post right here.

He is doing his residency at a public hospital, the biggest one in Egypt. And free healthcare is both a blessing and a curse. But let's not talk about this now.

I am blessed. That's all.


Rhianne said...

it's tough sharing anyone with their career - no matter what it is and I wouldn't feel bad about wanting to spend more time with him - thats a good sign that you love him :)

relationships are always about balance and jobs are a part of that - you will work it out don't worry and try not to feel guilty or bad for how you feel, its natural to want to spend more time together and better to acknowledge it and solve it rather than ignore it.

hope you feel better love x

pilgrimchick said...

Wow--that is a lot to deal with. My partner is a merchant marine, and the job is different, but some of the relationship-oriented struggles are the same.

sawan said...

you really are. be proud for your man, he helps the needed. and be proud for yourself, you help the one who helps the needed.