Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Saturday the 18th

Saturday the 18th of February, 2012 was a very important day in my life. It was my graduate commencement!

There is one moment that I would very much like to share with you. Or maybe more, I guess

Moment number 1: (before the commencement) Seeing my mother and sister and brother coming and how my brother looked at me, like he doesn't know me. Like he's seeing another me (in a good way)

Moment number 2: (before the commencement) My father came outside to where we were waiting and the photographer took a picture of us, my dad kissing me on the cheek, and the photographer said, think of me when you show this picture at your wedding.

Moment number 3: After we marched to the hall, I looked behind me, and there they were, almost an entire row filled with people I love so much, people I know love me back. Genuinely. And I felt so blessed! SO BLESSED! It makes me cry a little. (also in a good way) There they were, my mother, my father, my two sisters, my brother, my fiance, my cousin, and my best (BEST) friend.



Rhianne said...

Eee, congratulations Sara!! You look so happy and I loved hearing about your moments - I felt the same way looking out at my parents at my Graduation :)

sawan said...

Congratulations hein ji :)

Ruxandra said...

Congratulations :)

Michelle Farrell said...

congratulations!! :D

Nahla said...

Congratulations =)

Dinah. said...

Ya hayaty :)
Congrats <3
You look so pretty in long hair as well.

Shokoofeh said...

Aw dear, look at you! You're so beautiful, and happy and wonderful!
Congratulations darling girl, so happy for you! xoxo

Nariman said...

Congrats Sara, You look beautiful :)

Nikolett said...

Congratulations!! You look gorgeous and you should be feeling really proud of yourself! So happy you had such beautiful moments with your family and loved ones cheering you on :)