Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Cousin Got Married!

I don't mean to stay away from the blog for that long, ever.

I wrote a couple of unpublished posts because there were just me complaining about things. And I don't like to spread my negative energy, really.

On Friday, my cousin got married. And he made such a handsome groom! His bride was so beautiful. It was a small intimate wedding with around 150 people attending, and to me, it felt like it was Amr's birthday and not wedding. It was so surreal!

I love my cousins!

And I love the feeling of entering a place where my entire family is and hug two round tables full (and almost a third one) full of people. It's beautiful to have a big family, it really is a blessing.

Obviously, I wasn't trying to be artistic at all, I just wanted to capture that moment, with my cousin's big smile, and my father dancing with his bride. I am so happy for him!!

Here's what I looked like, perfect posture, I know, also, caution: Wet floor. You have to admit my boyfriend is also an artist.

I was so tired!

So very tired, it was such an exhausting day, please give me that?

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Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Congrats to your cousin lady, and heck??!! This is how you look like when you're tired?! I wish I did, too. :)

You look gorgeous girl.

Have a great week!