Saturday, February 19, 2011

Guest Post

Today: Please read my guest post over at Priya's blog. Who was very kind to have asked me to take part in a series about what love is. Love, to me, is unconditional.

I hope you enjoy it and please do share thoughts!


Anonymous said...

Sara dear,
I'm glad you are back.
I love how you feel about love.
Love is good. After all, love is what gave us life.


Brenda Susan said...

It is a great post and it brought me to your beautiful blog! Yay!

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Sara - I'm so glad Priya as you to post and what a lovely post it was! I'm so happy to 'find' your blog. I want you to know that the world salutes Egypt and celebrates with you and we pray that democracy comes to your country at last.

Nonszalancka said...

Fantastic blog!!!:) what about following each other?:D kisses from Poland!! <3

Dinah. said...

All right,
I copied your words into my Tumblr.
The kind of words that truly truly inspired me and I had your name posted below them =)
YOU are such a kind soul

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