Wednesday, January 26, 2011

On Tahrir

Yesterday we went to Tahrir square.
Yesterday we shook the square with our voices. And oh how great it felt to listen to the voices echo through the streets.

The blocked twitter.
I don't see why they would do that, I mean, we are all for freedom of expression and transparency and....why? Because it's the government of Egypt, that's why..

Realtime  results, however, are helpful, thank you google.
These photos are amazing, at night there were more people. Also, the videos are everywhere.
And the articles include this, this, this and this

My sister had gone to Shobra, and they attacked them (central security did) but my sister was fine. My best friend went through Kasr el Eini on her way to Tahrir, and they also attacked them, my best friend was fine.

My boyfriend, his sister, and friends and I walked across Kar El Nil bridge to Tahrir, and they wouldn't let us walk through but we managed, and we were on the side walk and somehow I started crying, because I wanted to be on the street, I wanted to be with the rest of the people. I saw Wessam, and joined him, and his friends, then I found my best friend and her boyfriend.

I saw glimpses of my boyfriend, twice before they started the tear gas, and before the network coverage was cut off. The best thing I had done was let my parents know where I was, after I had left the house.

I love my country. And I have never witnessed something as big. I am happy I went, I would go again. For myself, for the country and for my brother and people his age. I would go again so that when I stand in front of the mirror and ask myself  "What have you done?" I would say that I have tried, I would know that I have tried. And with trying comes the possibility of success. That is all that matters.

Today it's much more violent, more police everywhere, and it's crazy. Detaining a lot more people. A lot more people. I didn't go today, I was advised against it, by a much more experienced person. So I didn't go. I feel bad for not going, but I fear for my parents- they would hate for anything to happen to me.

Mass protests are going out on Friday. Also, you have to check this.


Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

I'm so sorry your country is going through all this violence :( :( :(
Be safe

Sarah Alaoui said...

"And with trying comes the possibility of success. That is all that matters."

Exactly. I am so proud of Egypt and what its youth are's time for the dictator to leave, yallah.

Please keep me updated and stay safe :)

AngelaBeth said...

I know I don't comment often but I read every post in my google reader. I'm glad to hear you are safe and that you are being a brave soul over there in the hard times. Stay safe and good luck in your endeavors. :)

sfd said...

It's sad that things have to get to this point but also amazing to see what can happen when people stand up for what they believe in. You are taking part in something that is and will be important for everyone and I hope that good and kind people like yourself are heard loudly enough to make a change. Take care my sweet.

Simply Me said...

Please stay safe and I wonder why we're plagued by so much violence ..just yday I read abt the Moscow bomb blast ..all this news abt violence , hatred makes me go nuts ..The world a safer place , better place ..sometimes i think all this is just confined to books ..will it ever happen ?

Dapoppins said...

In the last few years there have been those who protest all across the US against a government that doesn't listen, and yet, it is nothing compared to your experience. Here, people don't attend a protest worrying they will go to jail, or be hurt just for being there. You are a brave girl, and a patriot, for standing up for what you believe in. Act wisely, Speak truly, stay strong, and stay as safe as you can and still be true to yourself.

Im saying a prayer now for you...