Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Still Remember

Have I forgotten?

I might have.

Yesterday, I spent time with my family, all of them; my father told me a story from when I was three. I am surprised I remembered. He had found this dove (I used the word because it's poetic) in his car trunk, long long ago when he was doing his PhD. He fed her and took care of her, he would feed her every morning before he started studying and the quality time we would spend with him (my sister was 36 months at the time) was when he would let the dove fly across the street and come back to stand on his shoulder. I remember the exact moment.

I remember it...and that is probably the earliest memory I have of my father.

No, I did not forget.

"There's someone who paints the sky, with their eyes, each day, every way.” I Wrote This For You

I want to paint the sky, with the colours of the sunset, and those of the sunrise. I want to watch them paint the sky, at least. I miss watching the sky change its colors, and I miss having all the changes reflect on the sea.
Do I envy you? I guess I do.
I want to read again, and write again, I want to sit in a garden and laugh so loud, so much that my head hurts.


تايه said...

very nice :) keep going

Nikolett said...

This is so poetic, I love it. And that's a beautiful first memory. I don't know if I have one of my father, except maybe him teaching me how to ride a bike. Hope you'v ebeen doing well and keep writing :)

Anonymous said...

Do it! Sit in the garden, admire the beauty, and laugh!! Please do!
Your first memory is beautiful. I'm teary. Sara, enjoy your days. You are absolutely lovely.
Have you see the movie "Amelie"? It's French. Breton and I saw it yesterday. Amelie makes me smile. You should see it. :)


KLo said...

Memories are, in their way, very much like doves.

This was beautiful :-)

Ratz said...

That is a beautiful memory Sara... Indeed it is... You go ahead girl... paint the sky, sit in the garden, even if you have to do it alone.

sfd said...

Keeping memories of people we loved most is one of the most beautiful things and this was a really beautiful post.

Shaista said...

Paint the sky Sara! I can see you all the way from my part of the sky :)

Taylor said...

I envy you!

I envy the way you write, think, express! I hope you are doing well.

Anonymous said...

How are you?
I have never heard of the King's speech. I'll look it up. I just saw Black Swan with Brenton on Sunday. Oh my, It was breathtaking!!!!
Have fun watching a movie with Ahmed. By the way, my brother's name is Hammed! :)


The Childlike Empress said...

this is beautiful.

magnoliaamber said...


it has been a long time!

I miss reading your post!