Friday, October 22, 2010

Fill in the Blanks. (and a rant)

{photo by Photos Day! via We Heart It
1.   I am       just another face in the crowd who tries to prove otherwise    .

2.  I wish   I didn't live with my parents, and I wish I could get a tattoo  .

3.  I like       the sun, the sea, coffee. I like books, and pens, and paper obviously    .

4.  I can    make people smile  .

5.  I hope      I sort things out with my father .

6.  I think        I've been blessed with beauty in my life    .

7.  I was       always (and still am) the shorter eldest sister      .

I haven't blogged in a long while. A lot has been going on. Mostly perfect. Well, until this morning, at least. I had this not-so-little argument with my father (my dad and I are usually close) and it sort of escalated, and I started to cry. I hate crying in front of people, and yes, even my parents. So I excused myself. Without waiting for his response, which I think has made things worse. He's in his room now. And here I am, pretending to study, because that's the only thing that he pays for now. Otherwise, I am independent.

Also, I lost a friend this morning- or last night. We weren't really close, but you could tell. You could tell he was a very, very nice person. He was. He was one of those people who had hope in their eyes, hope despite the unfairness the world has through their way. He was that guy.


مى said...

I'm so sorry Sarah. I love you. If it makes you feel any better, the captcha below this reads "vivre" which I thought was amusing and quite fitting in this situation. You're beautiful and even if it seems like you're having a rough day, there's still time for it to pick up. You have someone who can make you feel better, reach out to them and you'll be okay.

All the love in the world. <3

monica said...

im sorry sarah...hope you feel better!!!


Taylor said...

I am sorry for your rough morning. I never feel at ease when I get into an argument with my parents, but that is natural. You two are close and the tensions will die off soon. Sometimes people just need room to breathe, maybe some independent time will benefit! And I am sorry for the loss of your friend. Sometimes when these things happen I wonder about how unfair life can be, but it is up to people like you to keep optimism alive. I have missed your posts lately and I hope you're doing well!

Keep in mind that #4 fill in the blank is so true! You do make people smile. You bring out happiness and optimism in a lot of people, I think!

{Selma} Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

My thoughts are with you girl. So sorry to hear about your loss. And having rough moments with family members is never easy and always seems unfair and weird. Hope things go back to being okay again.

Hugs to you girl.


Ali@LastSplash said...

Sorry for the loss, but happy to find your blog through Fill in the Blanks and hope to see more when you are ready to post again.

Innate_Inanenuss said...

Damn I missed readin ur blog.

You are as beautiful as ever.

Arguing with the parents can really be so frustrating...exhausting and most of the times useless. It's even much harder for a girl I know. Bs ma3lsh, I am sure it'll all change when ur studies are over and you gain more independence. Meanwhile, try to do what you much u can. Be creative...daring and take shelter in your friends.

Be well.


hello sarah...felt really sorry about your argument with your father. But, don't worry because parents always love u...despite whatever you do. one can't possibly explain why cruel things happen to good people but they do. just be happy because at the end of the day, everything gets fine! take care...

greystrawberrys said...

I've missed you <3

I love finding out things about people, and so your last two fill in the blanks were really lovely.

I'm sad to hear about your friend - as well as your not getting on so well with your dad, my thoughts are with you and I hope you are coping well. I'm always here if your not. <3

Hope your weekend gets better, xxxx

Nikolett said...

:( *HUGS* I definitely hope you can sort things out with your father ... hopefully you can talk things out and he'll understand. And I definitely think if you want a tattoo, you'll be able to get one someday.

Sorry for your loss, and I hope you'll get through everything okay. I've tagged you in a little questionnaire on my blog, you can feel free to do it if you'd like :)

city girl said...

Sara! I've missed you too! =] So glad you found me to say hello. I'm so sorry about your loss, and I hope you clear things up with your dad soon. Hang in there hun!