Monday, September 27, 2010


There's so much negative energy around me and I am trying to break away. I am trying to break away and be my actual self. And I don't know how to.

Some people have noticed it. And there's too much noise around me- it's like an echo of what is in my head. It is, however, not helping.

I need silence, I am indifferent to whether it is a silence that speaks. Just silence. I am too sensitive to all sounds and voices around me that I could actually scream. With each wave of sound that hits my eardrums, I am more aggravated, I am more miserable, if I may say.

And then I Wrote This For You somehow makes me feel better;
That sound you hear, that's the sound of someone realising that sometimes, it's easier to change the world than it is your own life.
I am not saying that I haven't sincerely smiled in the past week, because I have. I have had a weekend full of smiles, and for that, I am thankful! In fact, there are a lot of things that I am thankful for, which actually include my (possible) lunacy since it made me appreciate a certain smile, a certain giggle and a certain laugh.

How has everyone been? I would really like to know.


Menna Tarek said...

make the best of what you have.
we have lots to talk about
i love you!

Taylor said...

Hi Sara, do not be worried because everyone has these times where they feel anxious...not themselves. I feel it sometimes too, just do not let yourself forget how to shine through all the negativity. You are yourself and you are a beautiful soul! You know that! But at the same time do not feel bad for having this dip, I get it too, and so does everyone, right?

School has been consuming all of my time, which causes me to sometimes feel like I am losing myself too. But I will not let that happen. Over the summer I feel as though I forged such a good relationship with myself and I will not let it disintegrate! Me-time is always a good thing...indulge yourself! Have a good week. Sending positive thoughts your way!

Ratz said...

Oh that kind of day huh! i get it... sometimes i feel it... i admire silence more than screams and shouts.. Just remember that this will pass sweetheart. My week has been a alright start. i am quiet most of the times and i am not able to connect with people. though i like it most of the times, this silence, i want to talk now.. that is how i am these days... crazed and confused, school and work are taking their love on me.. just juggling..