Sunday, May 16, 2010

Right Out of My Moleskine

And so the end of semester has dawned upon us, and everything is dim light, everyone has blank stare on their faces - distant...thinking of the words to write, the deadline to meet and so on and so forth.

Last week, I met with this beautiful person who is my professor from last semester and had a very inspiring talk with him.... he just inspires me.

After I left, I wrote this;
I have a pen because it guards me- it guards me agains moments when I feel dry, or the fear of haing something to write and not being able to and then I forget about it.

They say artists bring about their own demise and so do people of genius.

I refuse to not stop and think. I refuse to look and not see. I refuse to not change.

He warned me against educated ignorance, he warned me against ridding myself of insight- of looking at things with purely theoretical eyes. Life is not theory and our society is far from one that would conform to a theory. A rigid theory. Because, no matter how much it lacks the mobility, it is a highly dynamic society.

I need to sit and reflect more, because life is beyond the practical matters.

What lies beyond those gates of practicality is where life begins...and I will not stand at the gates. I have the pass to go beyond them: the eyes of a wanderer- a wonderer- a dreamer : an agent of change.

The world needs more passion, the will to turn a dream into a goal, and to find the means to do so. You are not given means, you find them.

Dear Citizen of the World,

Find your means (not your way, it's okay to be lost)


How is everyone?


Menna Tarek said...

You made this dusty morning a little bit more glowy.
I'm esctatic.

Ratz said...

Nice post Sara.... esp the last lines... beautiful

Shokoofeh said...

Again and again, a smile on my face; by your words.

Love you. xo

E said...

Beautiful words, i especially love the last sentence "Find your means (not your way, it's okay to be lost)", because i often feel lost<3

Maria-Thérèse said...

So very true.

Nahla said...

beautiful <3 !

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Ju said...

Very inspiring as usual. Great to know you like to write with a proper pen as well as typing. I hardly do nowadays.

ali said...

Sara, that is beautiful! Thank you for sharing that with us.

April said...

"Life is beyond the practical matters." Yes.

shari @ little blue deer said...

So lovely and inspiring, glad I found it on a Monday morning!

Anonymous said...

Awh that's really lovely and really inspiring, Sara!

greystrawberrys said...

Wow, it's amazing how some paragraphs can make people smile and be an inspiration. I agree more than anything - the world needs more passion.

You've got beautiful talent. :)

Hope all is well


Anonymous said...

You are beautiful.
I love this post.
My semester ended today. I don't know what to do with myself!


Taylor said...

I wish I could write like you! You have such fluidity and grace it.

Congrats on ending the semester!

Juanita said...

Thank you for letting my min slip into the wistfulness of your words. I wish my writing moved so seamlessly.

Check out my blog ;)


i really loved your post...beautiful flow of words... :)

Jodes said...

Girl, thank you for this! I feel like we all need to orchestrate encounters like this in our lives - you're lucky to have happened upon us. So inspiring, thanks for sharing YOUR thoughts with us.

"Life is not theory and our society is far from one that would conform to a theory." - SO good.

Anonymous said...

hey your still.. writing.. thats great .. hope everything is good with you

Twinn said...

I love your post
It gave me a wake up call to life in general.

Anonymous said...

Sara, you're a beautiful writer!

missy. said...

that was absolutely beautiful. you have such a way with words.

Randi Lee said...

That's brilliant