Saturday, May 22, 2010

Reflection time needed

I need to mention how I felt amazed and loved and...I don't know with all the lovely comments I got on my last post :)

I felt loved!

This weekend is a very weird one, or this week in general. I am free, but I don't feel like I am. I have been told that I take everything seriously and I have been encountered by a person's capability to hate.

I am incapable of hating anyone. I might dislike someone- but not hate them! Or so I think?

It's like reality is giving me a signal that it's time for a reality-check. It's time for me to take some time away and sit and reflect....see who I have become and how far (or not) that is from who I want to be.

Me? serious? That was my main fear- what was the only reason why I never wanted to "grow up"

On another note, I am taking part in this here and I am so excited!!

How do you reflect, if going away for the weekend is not an option for now?


Anonymous said...

what a colourful picture. i am on the last day of a week of celebration of colour.

Dinah. said...


Farah said...

Hello my dear Sara. I've missed you! I hope everything is okay on your end of the world.

Growing up is not an option, no matter what happens, we have to but how we grow and who we are it's completely under our control. With that said we dont need to worry so much about everything. Things will work out and things do happen for the best. This piece of advice I am also taking and reminding myself with at every moment that I feel like is so beyond my control.

At the end, we all just need to relax and breathe!

Love you!♥

Anonymous said...

Dear Sara,

this is such a great blog post! What a colourful pic!

Love, Sharon

Ratz said...

HI Sarah,

I understand what you must be going through. Things are changing so fast around me as well.... and when growing up becomes the last left option,i think we should grow up in way that we don't regret missing out on anything. And that is a check for me too..

Take care.

Caro said...

We seem to be underneath the same gray cloud, hang in there I sure hope it wont last.

Barry said...

Sara, you have an almost breathtaking ability to question the world and your place within it. Looking at life with this kind of passion can be almost consuming sometimes, but only if we let it.

I think it's fair to say that we're all capabale of hate. Do I think you show hatred? No. I'm not sure what the reasoning behind that was by the person who said it to you, perhaps they picked up on your intensity and mistook it for something else. No matter, you know who you are.

I'm more philosophical and introspective than I've ever been at any other point in my life. Yet along with this, I'm also more accepting of things around me. I accept that things change, people will not stay true to their word and hurt me sometimes. I accept that I'll never have all the answers but it's the search for understanding that's most important.

I'm more content to simply 'be' at any point in time. Yes I always strive to be a better person, to learn and experience more. But I've found more peace with all around me, good or bad. Despite all the injustices the world is still a beautiful place in which to live. I think if we can approach life this way and still keep our eyes open, in the end we'll be more at peace with ourselves and those around us.

April said...

Just breathe, read a good book. Can't force revelations.

Anonymous said...

You are one lovely girl.
I just got out of school. I'm basically free, but I don't feel free..
I like who you are. I can't bring myself to hate anyone either.
I think it's a good thing.


Taylor said...

You are quite an exceptional person, Sara!

There is something so natural, calming, and meaningful about self-reflection. It is so refreshing to think about yourself...I think we're meant to do it as people.

Like you said, you are a sunny person! I've never met you but I believe it. I don't think you are a hater!

Jessica said...

I agree with Kamana, very very colorful!

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Anonymous said...

OK.. so i think i can help.. Ive been going through the exact same phase of finding self.. evaluating the extra fast life ive been living and was planning to continue in..

I didnt arrive to a conclusion or an answer to the huge amount of questions i have but i can give you some hints on what you can do ..

Start with your phone log.. every day for a week see who called you and who you called and try to guess why you really called or why they really called you..

step 2.. look on your everyday activity and think are they following a patern . is there something in common with everything you do ..

step 3.. think with your heart and answer this question " WHAT DO I LIKE to DO " and "What puts a smile on your face "

This is a modest opinion.. i am extremely lost concerning finding the self excersise but i think that you can do this..


Menna Tarek said...

I can name one person you hate :)
You have been ignoring the bolg because of this end-of-semester thing.
Post more sunshine to my life.

Winnie said...

I'm the same really, I have people that I dislike but no one I really hate. I do however, forgive and forget a bit too easily which isn't always the best thing!

Anonymous said...

初次造訪~安安^^ .........................................

7upkels said...

alone time. bath. candles. book. whatever "checks you out" - do it. it sounds like its just waht the doctor ordered!

Saskia said...

Sometimes I just need to stop for the day. Relax, take a bath with a luxurious foam or bath ball or something. Read. Cook a nice dinner and eat it at the table, not in front of the tv. Go to bed early.

Then I wake up the following day and it's like my new beginning.

S xx

Anonymous said...

ITs ME..

I guess

Anonymous said...

ITs ME..

I guess

missy. said...

i feel the same. i don't think i hate anyone. i just don't see the point? life is too short to hate.

and you are loved beautiful lady!

harmonyangel said...

thanx for the comment:) Your posts are always so interesting..keep it up, you have talent:) God Bless

Fé... said...

I'd stay away from the crowd, probably going out for a walk with myself. Then just taking in all the surrounding. It makes myself calmer and my head clearer and I get to see the bigger picture... Hope it works for you, dear Sara