Monday, January 11, 2010

Photos and Clarity

Ju tagged me to share my favourite photo...and I thought, I have quite a few favourites, so why not share one of the ones I've taken? My blog banner is one of my favourite..I took that.

And I took a few while in Sokhna..during the weekend. I have a cousin who takes GORGEOUS photos! I asked him if it's okay that I share some here. But I will wait for him to send them to me :)

Ain el Sokhna photos :) Taken by yours truly

Ju, can I pick a favourite painting?

I have another tag and an award waiting to be posted :) I loved this tag.

Anyway, so I have been looking for clarity right? I have a lot of books on my bookshelves that I haven't read yet, so sometimes one calls me- this time it was "A New World" I think it helped. Turns out I was looking for clarity in all the wrong places. I have been looking for signs and places and people; clarity is something within you. It's the peace that's inside you waiting to be acknowledged.

Yesterday, a friend who went with me to school- who I don't really know and don't remember talking to in real life- had his status as uninspired and I facebook messaged him- only because it felt right. I got this vibe from him and I had the urged to. A facebook message evolved into a messenger conversation that lasted till 4 am.

That helped me a lot. It made me smile. Smile at the randomness of life. And at the simplicity of it all...or rather the simplexity. Simplexity sounds so much sounds like twinkling water. Anyway, I hope that left you inspired. I really do.

What makes you smile? What inspires you? Any photography tips?


Maria-Thérèse said...

I love the photo of the sea and the boat!! Van Gogh is one of my favourite artists. Possiby my FAVOURITE.

I'm still thinking about this tag myself. Pretty difficult to only pick one photo!

The only tip I will give you right now is to look into Keri Smith's work. I think you might find her book "Living out Loud" very inspiring! That book has almost become a friend to me. It doesn't feed you with what you should think or do; it asks a lot of good questions.

sarah said...

randomness of life <3 i love it... i love how walking down one street can change your life. i like that we arent in control of everything

i love your photos sara.

i used to do photography. and i loved it. but i stopped because i felt myself striving to take the perfect shot and i was never happy. i stopped seeing the beauty of what i was seeing and started only seeing it as how it would look like in a photo

and so if i can give you any advice, its as long as you dont lose sight of anything you will do great. bit vague i know... haha sorry. what i am trying to say is, dont only look through the lense and your pictures will be fabulous


Sarah C said...

lovely pictures. i love the pictures you took. it's so great to see what you see on your journeys.

i'm glad you are beginning to find clarity. i find that when i am away from the noise and bustle of life, clarity within myself if easier to grasp.

as for photography, i would love tips too. i really want to take a photo class sometime... i love taking pictures but sometimes i'm just not sure if i'm looking at the right thing.

Nahl said...

Nice to know you've found it inside you. :)
Love the second picture btw. It's gorgeous.
I have my updated post on my blog!

Randi Lee said...

You take beautiful pics! I don't think you need any tips! I could take some from you though!

Currently, a book inspires me... and makes me laugh, and cry. He lived his life beautifully and fully. 'The Last Lecture' by Randy Pausch

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Gorgeous photos. :) And isn't it funny how facebook has allowed us to connect with the most random people from our life? I love that. It has enhanced our communication with the the most spectacular way...

Manju said...

van gogh huh? i love his wheatfield with cypresses :)
and i need some photography tips too. i've decided to make an effort to learn how to take better fotos this year

E said...

your pictures are just beautiful :)

Iva said...

these are so beautiful. I see inspiration, EVERYWHERE ;) Happy Monday!

Barry said...

What makes me smile? My first thought is posts like this. I've met MANY people who are on a personal quest to find meaning and direction in their lives, and the overwhelming majority are in their twenties.

It can be a very introspective time, and I absolutely love being allowed to observe that part of someone's life. What makes me smile the most is when people come to certain realizations as you have.

I'm forty four, and what I've found is that there will always be more questions than answers. It's what keeps us hungry to learn more about life and ourselves, and what makes this journey so amazing. I love what you've just written because it's one more piece in your puzzle.

What inspires me? A person's willingness to expose their vulnerability to others by expressing what's inside of them- whether it's happiness, fear, hope, love or darkness. Honesty. Passion. Joy for life. Love. Sunrise. And people like you.

As for the photos, I'm not much of an expert here. What I will say is shoot what you feel, your photography is as much an expression of who you are as your writing. Through your photos we see not what catches your eye, but what captures your heart.

This was such a great post Sara.

defining amy said...

beautiful pictures. buying a mini-tripod would be my best photography shot. with a tripod, i've been able to get some awesome night shots.

more importantly... THANK YOU for your comment. your faith has strengthened mine. you really are such a beautiful person inside and out. i hope today is a very good day for you.


p.s. NEVER apologize for a long comment. i love it!!

Dani said...

hey sara! here's the link
come visit me!

p.s. the pics on this post are beautiful!

Vivi said...

Hi!!! I'm glad you have found your clarity's track! I found myself when reading Paulo Coelho's Zahir. I know it is not big news the effect this writer has on people, but I read that book almost three years ago, and it made me sit until I finished it (and I was in Malta... reading instead of playing volley-ball or having fun in the swimming pool!).

Just wanted to tell you that after having a quick look at your facebook's pics, you remind me of Leona Lewis. And there's something about it I would like you to know... Leona in Spanish is the femenine for Lion. You are a Leona, you care, you love, you fight. Keep like that babe.


yoli said...

nice pics!

Menna Tarek said...

Things that inspire me all the time are mind stimulating conversation, good books and days spent outdoors.
Things that keep me smiling vary from hugs or having my nails done to change and who the universe functions :)
I love you,
You already know that!

Kristin said...

Oh Sara, that shot from the car is amazing! I think it's lovely that you reached out to someone that way!

Anonymous said...

i love your shots.

starry night is one of favourites too. and i love klimt.

Anonymous said...

I love that photo with the car!
And I'm so glad so many people are supporting my project!!!! It's all so exciting!

Saskia said...

Beautiful photos & beautiful painting! I love van Gogh... I love his starry night cafe & the potato pickers in the field.

Unexpected pick me ups are just the best. I'm so glad you trusted your instinct and messaged him.

Saskia xx

S. Etole said...

Here via Kamana ... such beautiful photos

Rhianne said...

"Clarity is something within you. It's the peace that's inside you waiting to be acknowledged."

Sara you have such a beautiful way with words, its truly inspires me and makes me smile.

I hope you are feeling better love, your photos are lovely, I especially love the top one.

Photography tip? Take photos of what you love, things that make you happy :) then you will love them however they turn out.

Oh and I love Van Gogh too :)