Sunday, October 18, 2009

Random Bits of Everything

Does this ever happen to you? Because it happens to me ALL the time and I find it irritating! Extremely so- to the extent that I used to sleep with my book under my pillow to avoid making mental notes ( I also had trust issues)

Sondos is one very special person to me, I just had to let everyone know.

So you want recipes?
For the buns I used Jamie Oliver's pizza dough recipe, because I was too lazy to wait more than 2 hours for the bread recipe..seriously.

As for the burgers, which you have to make THICK and yummy!

My brother likes to call them Kiki Burgers (some people call me Kiki), it's my adaptation of a recipe I found somewhere online a year or 2 ago.
  • 1 kg minced beef ( fat free if you can get that, the burgers tend to be a bit dry though)
  • 1 minced/ground onion
  • 1 egg
  • Some Ketchup/BBQ sauce/ Tonkatsu Sauce(Japanese Ketchup)/Soy sauce (you see this is where you get creative, I basically keep the ketchup a staple)
  • Oregano/Italian herbs
  • Salt and pepper
You mix all that together, it's more fun if you have tiny hands around the house, my brother tends to like to do that. Shape your burgers keeping in mind that they shrink and place on an oven tray and into the oven, check on them in 10 minutes time and flip (this depends on their thickness really...the thicker they are the longer it takes for them to cook)
I tried the burger pie idea (baking the meat inside the bun!) and it was actually very yummy! Because the bread keeps the juiciness.

Ok something very interesting just happened, I was doing some blog browsing while at work and I emailed the people with me in the POLS 570 class...(Dr. EzzelArab is an AMAZING person)

I came across this blog, and it turns out this guy is with me in class. It might seem like I was stalking him, but I wasn't I promise!
Well I sort of know how some people radiate with creativity? He's that kind of person, even though I don't know him, I've only talked to him once trying to find our way to class and that was it...

And now he's turned into someone I look up to!


Shokoofeh said...

Aw that happen to me too all the times!! But I am too lazy to wake up and make notes! haha.

Oh and something else. would you mind turning your blog section to a "pop up" version?! Please! :)


alissa said...

that artist list is fabulous - great tips:)

Anonymous said...

i am working my way through all the jamie bread recipes. love his chickpea flat bread. tried that yet?

Sondos said...

What if I'm too lazy to bake? Why don't u just start your own business around those recipes? That's an idea for ya..

I love the list.

Ju said...

I love that How To Feel Miserable As An Artist note hahaha. Not that I am one, but if I were, I would totally follow these rules.

Winnie said...

Your cooking sounds like heaven!

Mohammed J. said...

can totally relate to the artist list! Haha hilarious!
Have a happy day kiki! :)

sarah said...

argh! i hate that! and i always wake up, think of good ideas and then instead of making notes, i tell myself that i will remember it all in the morning.

and then i forget.


why do people call you kiki??

Jowy said...

mmmmm those recipes are GREAT! thnx for sharing!

One Love,

Gracie said...

Great recipe. I must try it sometime. I always make notes when I think of it when trying to sleep. Usually I will just type it in my phone so I will see it first thing in the morning.

Maria-Thérèse said...

The list is from
I think you may like her other work as well!

And yes - happens A LOT to me. I replied on your friend's blog.

Nitin said...

i really liked your burger recipie. but i guess i would had put some garam masala in it . and then baked with some 'tej patha' and fry some of those onions with some termeric and chilli and salt and then drop it into the mix. and a few coriander.. hehe..
but i guess thats me. =P~ . thanx for the recepie. anyways. that thing about how to feel miserable as an artist is pretty true. i used bow to societal and family pressures. i compared myself, and i was critical bout myself. anycase. i dont worry about that anymore.. but that pic is my wallpaper now.

Anonymous said...

Great pic here. Congrats.