Thursday, August 21, 2008


On Monday I bought this amazing book by my favorite Egyptian female writer; Ahdaf Souief: book
I have read The Map of Love and fell in love with it instantly. At once. Just like that.

Mother-ly Issues:
My mom and I have the weirdest mother-daughter bond there could ever be. We fight endlessly and we hurt each other immensely, yet the next minute, you find us laughing and joking about stuff. It hurts to hurt her, especially when I'm snappy and crabby. Yet, I haven't been raised to be the one who apologizes and be all mushy about stuff, I tend to just change the subject and totally ignore it. Which is wrong.

Last night was this Scorpions tribute concert; Jimy and Osama of Salalem were guests. Jimy ♥ for one song; When the Smoke is Going Down and Osama on the guitar for this song and another. All in all, the concert was really good. And Jimy was even better =3

At the very center of Cairo lies The Shura council, Egypt's Parliament. On the 19th started a fire at around 5 pm on the second floor of what was a beautiful building spreading to the 3rd floor of the 3 story building which fire forces couldn't put of until around 7 am of the next day. Halls and archives were destroyed. Leaves me guessing the ways in which they would abuse tax payers to rebuild the place. I am only architecturally at loss.
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