Thursday, August 14, 2008


- an update.
As what might have been correctly assumed; I am home. And I have been busy ever since.
Also, now that my driving license is actually here, I drive around! All the time!
Last night I went to this jazz concert, and God was it amazing...seriously.
The PlayList:
  1. Tenor Madness
  2. Bright size life
  3. Afro Blue
  4. Land of the Leal
  5. Body and Soul
  6. 'Round Midnight
  7. Goodbye Porkpie Hat (which I overwhelmingly liked)
  8. 9 over Reggae (this too!)
  9. Brazilian Like ( I had to leave here)
  10. The Red One
  11. How Insensitive
  12. Windows
  13. Silver Hollow
  14. From Within
  15. Impressions
  16. Four on Six
On a totally different musical note, pun unintended, I've been listening and very much liking pretty.odd. by Panic at the Disco...
Tell me which songs to download!

Post started on August the 14th, completed on August the 16th.

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