Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The W(h)in(n)ing Post


I've been whining a lot lately. If not to boyfriend, then to myself.

Things that go along the lines of:

  1. I hate my boobs, I wish I had smaller boobs so I'd wear low cut tops without people staring or me feeling self conscious, it would have also been so much easier for me to buy bathing suits. And bras. Cuter ones at least.
  2. I need to fix my car. I say that every day, I've been saying that for, at least, the past month.
  3. I need to study
  4. I want to go to the gym more often! I feel fat, I have lost my muscles....they were so much stronger, I had abs of steel, where have they gone, I get tired more quickly now...UGH!
  5. I hate how ill-informed the people are, it sucks, I wish they'd know better.
  6. I am too young to have all that grey hair...this is unfair. So unfair. AND I am getting lines. LINES, LINES!!!! I don't want wrinkles, I am only 23....(anyone recommend any moisturizer?)
  7. My brother is growing up, he's almost as tall as I am and his shoes are only 2 sizes smaller than mine. I am 14 years older than he is, this is just unfair, I am too scared to forget younger him. But I won't, right? Older him (now him that is) has the most curious green eyes and the sweetest smile. He makes me proud.
  8. I HATE MY JOB. IT DEPRESSES ME. I HATE IT. I HATE IT. I HATE IT. Yet, I love my boss and the girls I work with, TO BITS! They really are the best. My salary is okay, and we don't get to work at all (which sucks, it depresses me because I want to learn, and be productive) but my job is perfect for the time being, because I have all the time I can ask for to study.
There, I feel so much better now. I really do. If anyone has read all this, thank you for reading my list of complaints :)
I think I have been watching the news too much, and reading the newspaper more than I would like to. I need the break from all that, maybe. But I guess you understand, with everything that's going on in the country...

A list of gratitude is to follow soon. 


Menna Tarek said...

I like whining posts more than the gratitude ones :)

Elazul said...

1- Every guy and lots of girls now hate you.
2- the past month? more like the past year.
5- then teach them. it's hard , it's draining, but it works.
6- cut down on smoking as well.
7- you'll never forget the younger him, especially with an abundance of pictures and videos of him :)
8- be thankful, some people nefsohom fe ay shoghlana we el salam.

Waiting for the gratitude list, whining isn't like you lil sis.

Ratz said...

Hi Sara, I hope you are already feeling better. That was indeed something you needed to get out. I have been whining as well and i want to break out of it. Couple of happy posts, grateful posts. I am counting of them.

third time's a charm said...

Ciao Sara..

I would disagree with the title of this post The Whining i didnt see any whining in this post... Sara every single bullet point you had there is an attempt from you to reach perfection. And its good to always look a head and always want to be better. These are not the old "2a2lo toor ye2oly 2e7leboh" kinda whining we usually hear.. This is just you putting out your goals in public.. and Sara at most of the points you have already mentioned what you are doing to overcome it.
Sara hanem all you need is just a couple of days off.. anyway it was great reading a new post from you and see you soon in laroma as usual..
Mohamed Diaa

Shokoofeh said...

Love you, girl! xo

{Selma} Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Hugs sent to you about ten minutes ago, so I'm hoping they have arrived by now. :)


Becca said...

You're not whining! Sometimes it's good to just get it all out!

Anonymous said...

hi :) im sharon :)
and im sending youu lots of hugs :)
i dont think youre whining ;p
i loveeee your blog by the way :) and im following now :)
haha kbyeee ;p xx

sfd said...

Don't worry about whining, one of the best things we can do for ourselves is get this nasty stuff off our chest and then move on :)

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Now what did sfd mean by 'getting the nasty stuff off our chest' - I mean in light of Point No.1!! ;) I can so understand you...and to think that people go in for enhancements!!
About the other stuff - we all go through these whiny phases..remember you've just come off from a big high regarding the revolution and everything else seems mundane in comparison.

Taylor said...

Is it weird that I thoroughly enjoyed your complaining list? I too feel the same way about many things!

Have you ever tried Neutrogena moisturizer? It is a good, all-around quality moisturizer. Maybe try a richer one like Olay, Lancome?

I hate feeling out of shape, too! You know what I do when I can't make it to the gym? Push-ups. Planks. They help! Make sure you stand up and sit up straight, no slouching. Tuck in your abdominal muscles. (Sorry for sounding like a personal trainer!) You probably look fine, but these things are little things that only you notice! I agree with how you feel, though!

Have a wonderful weekend, friend!

Anonymous said...

Oh lady, it is good to whine sometimes!
I feel good when I whine. I feel as if I just listed a load off my chest!
Have a wonderful Sunday!


Simply Me said...

As much as I hate whining , I am glad I have a lil place in this blogoland where I can freely to do so and my friends still love me ...
Btw I am so with you on no. 1 and 4 .. aarrrrrrrrgh ..

Hope u have a happy weekend !!

Freddi Kelly Marsh said...

When i was reading the post, i told to myself "oh poor girl, i hope she's okay" and finally, i see you feel better and i am really glad for you. Accept and smile at the life!