Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hug Me

The vintage label on Tumblr is beautiful! I keep reblogging photos like there is no tomorrow. And it makes me feel like I don't belong here, like I was born in the wrong decade.

I feel like I should be in dresses all the time with lovely hair and red lipstick.

My best friend and her boyfriend called me "cloud" yesterday, referring to how I  float maybe? or how I am not in touch with reality? I don't know..

A bit of Politics:
I was too depressed yesterday to be a cloud though, I am sad that I am represented in the media and such by people who I find relatively ignorant and I don't mean to say that in a derogatory manner. I mean, if you are going to meet with international figures, at least do your homework, know who you are meeting with and what they do, know how you could benefit from such meeting, brainstorm before you go to the meeting, know your input. Know your politics and economics, know who Jeffery Sachs is- at least!

I am talking about Wael Ghonim (who now has a wiki...) who sat with Ban Ki-Moon and very rudely spoke to him, I am talking about the people who call themselves the "the coalition of the youth of the revolution" who were also rude. I will not accept this. I am not rude, and I am not ignorant, and if there is something that I don't know enough about I will not participate, and I will listen and go home and read more about it...

I am sorry, but you do not represent me.

I want to travel, I really need it right now, and I want to attend a festival, and listen to good music, oh how I want to do that right now. Because I need a break from all of this, I need my mind to stop thinking and I need to stop the stream of thoughts and the insane amounts of news and articles and events that need to be processed.

I need a very big hug from the universe.


Ratz said...

Hugs Sara.

I almost felt like crying reading your post. I understand how it feels to be misrepresented- not being able to convey who we actually are and worse still represented by a group of people who share no ideals as we do. "I am not rude, I am not ignorant." Powerful words Sara, simply powerful. This is what made me feel like crying. I could use a hug.

Vivi Díaz said...

I know it is not much, but


{Selma} Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

I'm sending the biggest hug over!!! Can you feel it?! Please?! Yes? Perfect!


Becca said...


Thank you for your honest words. Can I go to a festival with you?!?!

I am always praying and thinking of you, and I hope that you are able to find something today that makes you happy and want to dance!

Dinah. said...


The Lewicutt's est 2006 said...

Oh, if we were face to face I would give you the biggest hug!!!

And I need to travel too, lets meet somewhere! THAT would be a blast!

Hang in there, I know it's discouraging some times, but you're one of the most courageous and bold women I know.

Love you.

April said...

hug hug hug hug!

Menna Tarek said...

I will hug the hell out of you when I see you :)

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