Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Year in Review

I have mentioned it before that 2013 was a "year of ending" for me (here)
So many things have changed for me over the past year in many ways - mostly overwhelming ways - needless to say, it was quite the tough year.
I have done a lot of traveling. Maybe in search of something, and maybe in running away from something, I am not so sure. I am also not sure if I have learnt anything while traveling. I mean, I have learnt things about specific people. (maybe also about myself)

I have learnt that: I like buying gifts for my family back home, I get homesick easily, being on a highway in the rain scares me, even more so when on a mountain. I love Germany.

I also know now what bittersweet feels like. It's the exact feeling you get when tying loose ends for your own sake and for the benefit of others. It's that feeling you get sitting on a park bench with wind in your hair and your lips are smiling, your heart is aching and tears are running down your cheeks. But you are not lonely, because you know someone else if feeling exactly the same. But you made the right choice.

He was such an adorable little kitten!!

One more important lesson I learnt this year was to NOT ignore signs and gut feelings because they are there for a reason - be it warning signs or ones that bring your attention to a certain thing. And it was something I took so much pride in but this year, I tended to ignore my gut feeling in attempts to be more "grownup" and more "realistic" but I ended up falling flat on my face, really. I lost control. I lost track of who I really am.

Here's a list of (some of the) things I have done for the first time this year:

  1.  Walked in a forest
  2. Slept to the sound of a running stream
  3. Cross-country road trip
  4. Moroccan "hammam"
  5. Visited new places and countries
So it wasn't that bad after all. I am looking forward to this year; which I started yesterday among family smoking shisha and having pizza. (Earlier I was with my friends)


Bianca said...

Sounds like you learned a lot of valuable lessons this year, some of them quite existential. You are lucky to have had the opportunity to travel, especially after what you've been through. Taking a step backward to look at our lives from a distance can be quite purifying.
Your New Year sounds wonderful.
Are you plannning on adding anything to that list? ;-)

Namesless, Lastless said...

Dear Sara...

Travelling teaches you more about yourself than about the places you visit. Specially when your on business. I think that qualify as a fulfilling year. I 2014 brings all what you wished for and more. A piece of advice it doesn't matter if your running away from something or seeking something. The most important thing is that your moving, accomplishing and creating.

Happy new year