Monday, October 14, 2013

I miss kindness.
I miss genuine smiles.
I miss people doing good for the sake of doing good and not labeling it a "favour"

I really miss all these things.
A few things have happened to me lately that shook my faith in the good in people. I am not really sure if people are genuinely nice to me anymore. Or if there is some ulterior motive.
Whenever someone smiles at me or touches my shoulder jokingly, I keep thinking "why are you doing this?" "what do you want from me?" "are you objectifying me?" "Is there more to me than just my body that you see?"
"do you want to steal my wallet/phone?" "do you want to hurt me?"

I am not really sure if I will ever get myself back, or is this the kind of person I will be from now on..
But I miss trusting people.

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Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

It's hard to lose faith in something - in people - but everyone is different and I find it hard to believe that people in general have become less kind? I don't know. Perhaps most of us are more disconnected now, fiddling with our phones, being somewhere else in mind than in body. But people certainly can be kind. I promise! And do something for someone just for the sake of being nice and to make the other person happy, not even hoping for anything in return, and it still doesn't feel like a sacrifice.