Monday, June 6, 2011

Update (Finally)

I'd be lying if I said I have a lot of things to do and that I have been too busy to blog. Because, the truth is, I am just waiting for my grades to come out. I have been trying to catch up with things that classes have kept me from doing. And today, my grades are out and I did okay (I did well, I guess, I just never like to admit it)

Things like...seeing my best friend. Going to the writing workshop I am part of, or just spending time with my brother. And remember how I used to complain about not having any work to do? Yeah, I don't even get the chance to leave my desk anymore. It feels so good! It feels so good leaving work and people telling me you look tired, and me replying "uh, it's work" instead of "you look depressed" and I used to say "I hate my job"

I don't know if I am happy about that.

I am finding it really hard to believe that it is June already when January feels like yesterday- it really does. I remember January very clearly, even more so the echoing of hundreds or thousands of voices as the square shook with anger. It was like yesterday.

I remember getting an iPod for Valentine's day (because how can I forget that?) and it was our first Valentine's! Then the months all blend together, I don't really remember what happened in March, or April, or May. I mean, nothing that makes the months stand out.
I feel like I am forgetting things that are important (ones that have happened in March, or April, or May) and that I am making a big mistake saying they were not so important months. But hey, it's okay!

I guess.

I had a brilliant, brilliant weekend and for that I am thankful. It really was a beautiful weekend filled with smiles and good food (the best things in life, more or less.)
I love the summer, it's just a very festive season with everyone getting married and engaged and myself having to dress up; something I don't get to do as often as I would like, but I actually get to go to the hair dresser's to do my hair and maybe even dye my hair (tons of grey) I get to wear makeup (and not just kohl) and buy dresses (also one of the best things in life)

This weekend I have an engagement outing and a Katb ketab (pre-wedding contract signing...or something along the lines of) to attend, and next Thursday, a wedding! I am so excited!


Nikolett said...

Ahh waiting for grades is never fun, hope you did really really well! And I know what you mean about it being June already ... where did the time go? At least you remember some bits of it hehe. And yipee for getting to dress up this summer, I'm sure you will look beautiful :) Hope you have a great week and weekend!

The Lewicutt's est 2006 said...

So good to hear from you!!!

And incredibly happy to hear that everything is going so well! You have been missed.

Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Glad you did well girl. And it sounds like you have a few things working on, great weekends, an engagement outing and a wedding...sounds like a great start into June! :)


Anonymous said...

i lovee weddings :)