Thursday, December 23, 2010

Love and Moleskines

I am in a rush to finish my hardcover Moleskine before the year ends. I have grown to like the recycled cahiers more, to be honest, and I don't know why. I like the squared ones more than I liked the lined, and I also don't know why.

I think this could give me an idea of how I have changed, four years ago, I was in love with the classic black leatherbound hardcover and now it's just the brownness of the cardboard kraft cahiers. And it's the same with everything else, the way I dress, the way I write and my taste in general.

I have evolved.

I don't know if there is a comparison of better or worse. It is, at the end of the day, change- and change is always good.

I feel the need to belong to older times, I long for everything vintage, not really everything, but I have this sense of belonging and familiarity when around old things, or things inspired by old things, like the television set I saw with the boyfriend yesterday at Virgin Megastores, I could feel my face light up.

Speaking of boyfriend. And butterflies, and smiles and love. I have come to the conclusion that I think love is a state of being, you can/might feel love, but there comes a point when you will become love.


Ratz said...

What can i say! You said it all Sara... Merry Christmas to you and

Taylor said...

I love your thoughts on love. Becoming love - how wise. I fully believe it too. I swear you could make your own religion and I would follow! I admire what you say about how you change, too. It is funny how we all change in teeny tiny ways over time to evolve into a larger being. It is amazing.

Anonymous said...

i love your thoughts on love. :)

Simply Me said...

Absolutely love the last line Sara touches a chord ..Happy Holidays to you !!

sfd said...

Beautifully written. I hope as the time goes on and you evolve further that you will get to do and enjoy all the things that make you happy, keep this magic of written word going, it will be a great reminder of how far you have come.

Shaista said...

Becoming love... now that is true wisdom :) And the only thing worth striving for!
Merry Christmas dear Sara, change is always good so long as you are continuing to be true. I read today that the year of the tiger is on its way out, and the year of the rabbit is being heralded in... so perhaps next year will be a gentle one? xx

Anonymous said...

Oh my dear, I think the same about love too. I actually told Brenton on the phone last night that he is love.
I'm glad you like your change. :) May we all like the changes we go through.
Happy Christmas to you.


Dinah. said...

your words about 'LOVE'
are very thoughtful =)

Oh and I have changed too, I can relate perfectly to where you are .. Yes changes are always good. I promise.

Anonymous said...

My darling, how are you today?


iris loves fashion said...

I love the last paragraph. Oh, Sara. It's been so long since I last read you. I missed this feeling.
Bfriend and me broke up 4 months ago (well, he was who broke up), my grandma passed away this month and that last paragraph just gave me some light.

Thank you.


Rebecca said...

Hi Sara! I love your thoughts as well! I also agree with your thoughts about love. Now that I married I also agree that you can do more than feel love, but truly become's a beautiful thing.

I love Moleskins too!!!!

Sometimes I think it's important that we embrace "older" times as well...I wish more people had the patience for it. Don't get me wrong I love technology (as I type on my Apple) but I do wish times could be "simpler." I mean I love getting a handwritten letter in the mail--but no one hardly seems to do that anymore:(